PMCoin is a dwi-function token system based on Ethereum blockchain which is backed by decentralized strategic investment platform designed based on a unique investment model to enable all individual investor to participate in a centralized pool fund to make strategic investments in any cryptocurrency project, and to promote contribution of educational materials and learning in cryptocurreny atmosphere.

It is an open secret that the main objective of us as investors is to make profit and to double our digital asset, yet as individually we are all having certain limitations in terms of fund capacity, ability to identify any high potential project, lack of information and research and so on. By selecting a pool fund which provides a lot of solutions and benefits, it will resolve the highlighted issues.

Normally, a small scale investor may not have access to giant hedge funds due to capital requirements and limits. This project will give an opportunity to us. Furthermore, investment in block chain related projects is even more challenging due to the ever present risk of scams and hacks as well as a steep technical barrier to entry.

In this community based project, a token will be created based on Ethereum Smart Contract and will present the ownership of community members. It will be called PMCoin (PCC).


The basic idea is to build a community platform to gain higher profit consistently without compromising the safety of the capitals and also to build a knowledgeable investment community. With the growing number of good projects in the cryptocurrency atmosphere, this project will be a great opportunity for every member of the community to upgrade our lives. Rather than conventional investment, cryptocurrency gives fair opportunities to everyone. It is not denied that conventional investment like real estate, stocks and unit trust also provide opportunities. Like English said, do not ever put all your apple in a basket. We are hoping the idea will raise a lot of attention from all cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are keen to grab the opportunity.


Any person who desires to participate in this community project will have to register an email and an ETH address in this website. The registered ETH address have to be compatible with the ERC20 token. All the registered email shall be published in the website with the consent of the founders. This community consists of three category of members shall be as following;

Technical Team

The technical team consist of persons who carry out the investment and trading activity instructed by founders, all technical related tasks and project administration. There are 7 technical persons which also be part of 100 founders.


The founders shall be the earliest 93 person of stakeholders who swap the highest amount of Ethereum. All the founder shall have the right to vote in any important decision for this project. All of voting process shall be conducted using the registered email and the result will be published on the community website later. The founders shall also have the right at any time to vote if any possibility to cease all of operations and community dissolution. When this happen, all the outstanding fund in project account shall be refunded to all stakeholder that time in minus of 0.002ETH for the gas.


The members shall consist all of the stakeholders which not categorized as above and hold a minimum of 1 PMCoin (PCC).


January 7th, 2018

Initial white paper issued. This white paper will be reviewed and discuss among interested cryptocurrency community and profit seekers.

January 21th, 2018

White paper finalized and will be published in, and any crypto related website as appropriate.

February 01st, 2018

Official website and marketing program are launched. Registration of participant will start.

March 10th, 2018

Educational contributors are welcomed in Telegram group to feed community members with high quality materials.

March 16th, 2018
Token Grand Swap Event

To determine price of PMCoin for Token Swap Period 1. Minimum swap is 0.1 ETH. This event will take place in 24 hours only.

March 18th, 2018
Token Swap Period 1

Each PMCoin to be swapped at rate 0.0001 ETH or higher subjected to Grand Swap price. Minimum swap is 0.1 ETH.

March 31st, 2018

Token swap 1 end.

April 01st, 2018

Preparation for investment and trading will start.


90% of fund raised in token swap shall be extensively used for the investment and trading capital. The other 10% shall be used to build trading facilities. All fund shall be divided into three categories as follow;

Green Fund
Also known as trading fund. Shall consist of 50.0% total fund. This fund shall be used in trading activity.

Yellow Fund
Shall consist of 25.0% total fund. This fund shall be used as a back up to trading fund.

Red/Emergency Fund
Shall consist of 25.0% total fund. This fund shall be stored in cold wallet and only be treated as emergency fund. The community shall be informed if there is any situation or condition which need its use and also with the consent of the Founders.

Some of Ethereum will be exchange to BTC for the purpose of trading. It will subject to the best pair of any coin/token.


Distribution of the profit shall be as follows;
70% to be paid to stakeholders with minimum 20,000 PMCoin token
15% to be paid to technical team
10% to be used to repurchase PCC for educational reward program
05% to be allocated for operational expenses

Whenever it comes practically, we will work to lower the minimum of PCC amount hold to enable profit sharing.


PMCoin shall be locked for a period until a consensus by the Founders to release and list in exchange. This process is to ensure the stakeholders have received all the profit for the capital invested. It is suggested that a minimum of ten times of profit be gained by stakeholders before the token unlocked. This process to suit the function of PMCoin itself to represent shareholdings and payback.


As a community driven project, we believe operational transparency is always paramount. All necessary step will be taken to ensure that PMCoin stakeholders will have access to an adequate of information about the usage of proceeds received from stakeholders and the progression of the trading.